The breakout is a video game consists in breaking bricks at the top of the game screen The player controls a paddle that allows both to send the balls into the bricks and receive them.

Thus, if all the balls are not caught by the racket the game is lost. The more we pass levels, more balls move fast and are hard to catch.

Cousin of his predecessor the video game "Pong" and sports-tennis and tennis, he appeared for the first time in 1976 as an arcade game called "Breakout". The player must control a racket that it can move horizontally, the aim being of course not to drop the ball outside the playing area

Over the years, the breakout has signed his arrival on the other consoles and computers worldwide. Many games today have taken the basics of breakout by bringing a multitude of improvements such as bonuses and pitfalls, some falling bricks destroyed and produce various effects.

Due to its success and its history, the game of breakout as of today remains as one of the basic world of video games.